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The Art of Productivity

After living like a nocturnal animal and completing assignments last minute, I am finally ready for a change. 🦥

The term productive implies that you are making good use of your time. To ensure that I am productive my goal is to always PLAN AND PRIORITISE. Plans should always be realistic and take into account all aspects of one's situation. This is because, while setting goals is helpful, overdoing it can have negative consequences. Therefore, less is more, and in the long run, it is far more beneficial for one's physical and mental health!

All in all, burnout is real and it can make you dislike what you're learning. So my goal and advice is to stay positive, to be content with the progress you make each day, and to continue to reflect and make better plans. 🐢


Things to Consider When Creating a Plan

  • Are there any topics to prioritise?

  • Do you have any weekly commitments?

  • Have you considered potential contingencies e.g. sickness

  • Have you set aside enough free time for socialising/unwinding?

  • Is your plan realistic and achievable?

I will be implementing four key behaviours to unlock my good student habits. They are to: wake up early, keep my environment clean, stick to study plans, and sleep early. Although developing new habits take time, setting goals is a great way to get started! Mine are listed below:


My Dream Morning Routine

(When I have 9am lectures)

  • 5:30: Wake up and study or gym

  • 7:00: Get dressed and have breakfast

  • 8:00: Read the Bible and pray

  • 8:30: Head to lectures


My Dream Evening Routine

(Bedtime at 11pm)

  • 18:00: Evening meal

  • 19:00: Study or gym

  • 21:00: Engage in some of my hobbies 

  • 22:30: Get ready for bed and pray


My Dream Study Plan

(Everyday except Saturday)

  • Outside of lectures/placement, study for a minimum of 1-3 hrs per day

  • Use Sundays to catch up on work and plan for the upcoming week

(Check out the SIG Store to see what digital products I use to stay productive!)

My Plan

Productivity Blogs

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