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1. Reflections From A Baby Medic 🐣

Season 1


It is the Summer of 2023 and I have finished my first year at medical school and passed! I couldn't be happier but at the same time I can't help but acknowledge all of my past mistakes and linger on some of my regrets. Although this was to be expected (especially since it is inevitable to hyper-fixate on all your downfalls) it still does not make me feel any better about the situation.

So I decided to write about it in the hopes that I will metaphorically close the chapter and open my mind to the endless possibilities of the next chapter to come. 👣

While doing so I hope to give others some insight into what medical school is like and what not to do!


Short Outline:

WWW - I met so many new people, was able to enjoy things outside of medicine, passed my exams and made some good memories!

EBI - I wish I had a better study technique and did not keep myself indoors too much.

WN - I plan to explore the city a bit more, start things earlier, meet up with friends and become much more productive 😁

(WWW = What went well? / EBI - Even better if... / WN = What next?)


In-depth Outline:

Episode 1: Taking My First Steps

➖ On September 19th 2022, I began my medical school journey. I was really excited to begin, and I had told myself that I needed to create good study habits, to be productive, and to try to stay on top of things. While they appear to be straightforward requests, it was hard to force myself into so many new productive habits at once. In retrospect, I wish I had given myself smaller targets to achieve and planned out how I was going to accomplish them. For with great planning comes better results...

➖ Ultimately, after a few weeks of medical school I had decided that reviewing lectures and making ANKI flashcards would be my method of action.

Episode 2: Ignoring My Better Judgement

➖ During the months of October and November, I realised that I had stopped reviewing my lectures because I became completely immersed in my coursework. It was at this point that I realised that I had a bad habit of ignoring other tasks in order to complete a particular task. Looking back, I noticed that I am like this in other aspects of my life too.

➖ Therefore, in the future I plan to set time aside for different pieces of work, whether it's coursework or studying, this is to prevent myself from procrastinating on one task when trying to complete another. 😵‍💫

(Subscribe to my youtube channel whereby I will try to cover this and implement it!)

Episode 3: The New Year

➖ I love the saying "New Year New Me." But in truth its always a new year and old me as I come into it again and again with the wrong game plan! Can someone provide a cheatsheet on how to do this life thing please?

➖ The new year started off the back of a very unproductive Christmas break. At the time it seemed incomprehensible, to of procrastinated the entire holiday. As in... how can a medic survive on so little revision? But if I can give you any advice, enjoy that Christmas holiday, put your feet up and relax because you will undoubtably survive if you do not revise over the Christmas break! ❕

(Not necessarily wise advise for anyone with January exams! Mine were all end of year!)

➖ Semester two started in the middle of January 2023 and wow did it go quick! At this point I had adopted a good routine of reviewing lectures, making flashcards and only ever being behind on a couple of lectures (1-5).

Episode 4: The Easter Holidays

➖ While I would love to say I studied over the much needed, essential, 3 week easter holiday... I had not. It got to a point where I would wake up late, stay indoors, binge anime and order food time and time and again (I truly have myself to blame for this one). I knew that I struggled to study in my room and yet I only left my room once to go to the library in the whole 3 weeks!

➖ This is when I advise you to not fall into the self deception that studying at home works, because for the most part it doesn't! Another piece of advice would be to find friends to study and make plans with! Usually, when other people are motivated around you it helps to motivate you too! Even if you prefer to study alone, knowing that friends/strangers are going through the same thing can be comforting! So leave the house and see how much more work you'll get done! 🫣

Episode 5: The Month Of May

May... was a lot. May was the month of epiphanies, revelations, migraines and a whole lot of studying.

➖ May came out of nowhere and when it hit I realised that I had wasted my whole year creating flashcards because I had never developed a habit of actually reviewing them. It was in this moment that I knew I had to go over all of the content again because it felt like I knew nothing and the exams were fast approaching.

(Feeling like you know nothing is a common feeling amongst medical students)

➖ With a month left, I decided to make notes on my modules and try to head to the library everyday. Even on the days I went by myself I was able to be productive and get some work done. Thankfully, I made some friends during this time who made the best study buddies ever!

➖ Once the end of the month hit, I knew that time was up and the whole month I had spent preparing was coming to an end. I had 3 exams on consecutive days and after sitting the first one the rest were done in no time! 🤯


My Final Comments:

It is genuinely never too late to start! While I am now forever against cramming, sometimes we find ourselves in those situations and although it sucks, just know you will get through it. Just continue to keep pushing and you'll be surprised to realise you know more than you think! (A common realisation amongst medical students)

Despite mainly addressing the negative aspects of the year, I am definitely happy to have completed the year, to have made friends, memories and more! Everything that we embark on is a journey and we can only ever hope for smooth rides but even during the bumpy trips just know that each situation is a learning curve and a part of your story!

I have made many mistakes but from those mistakes I know now what I need to do differently and I hope after reading this you feel inclined to join me on more adventures as I hope to share them in the times to come! 🌱


"Growth is a process! So be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey you take." - SIG


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